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Goldenwood West Newsletter Archives: April 2003
Edited by John Anderson, 2003 BOT President

GWW Newsletter

Several homeowners have suggested a Goldenwood West Newsletter as a way of communicating what is going on in the neighborhood. I have agreed to act as editor and hope you will enjoy and support this endeavor. The Goldenwood West (GWW) Board of Trustees has endorsed this newsletter but our attempts will be to publish it at no cost to the GWW POA. The newsletter will be published every other month. This will be the only edition to be mailed with the POA billing.

The newsletter will cover the highlights of the Board of Trustees and the Architectural Protective Committee meetings. Also we will give updates on any POA projects such as the Recreation Area Improvement Project. I would like to include community interest items and am looking for contributing partners. If you have a special interest in local sports, local clubs, gardening, book club, school activities, local church news, volunteer fire department, or anything that may be of interest to the neighborhood and would like to contribute, please let me know. I do not want to limit this to the adults in our neighborhood; articles from young contributors will be welcomed too. I will also accept and publish letters to the editor. The only rules are that letters be in good taste with no personal attacks and be limited to concerns of Goldenwood West. Anonymous articles or letters will not be published. I am looking for volunteers to help edit and publish. Since I am the total staff, I wish not to retype articles so would prefer articles via a computer medium. All suggestions, comments and articles should be emailed to The structure and business rules on this newsletter may change from time to time based on your suggestions and your help.

There will be a set of abbreviations that will be used to save time and paper. Some of the standard abbreviations will be:
GWW = Goldenwood West
POA = the corporate organization, the Goldenwood West Property Owners’ Association.
BOT = the Board of Trustees of the GWW POA.
APC = the GWW POA Architectural Protective Committee.

The GWW Newsletter will be published via two mediums. We will set up a “Take One” box at the mail station. I will also distribute the Newsletter through email using the Blind CC function to protect the names and addresses of the recipients. I would encourage the email mediums as it represents the lowest cost. If you would like to subscribe to the email distribution, send an email to

The First Article:
What should we name our newsletter? Send me your suggestions.

Records of the Association:
There was considerable discussion of the March BOT meeting concerning the confidentiality of GWW records. The new Chapter 209 Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act provides homeowners’ access to records of the POA. It has always been the intent of the BOT and the APC to hold open meetings and we are committed to continue this practice. Homeowners are always welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. Meeting notices are posted at the mail station give the time and location of the meetings. The POA shall make the books and records of the association, including financial records, reasonably available to the homeowners. Requests for records must be specific and in writing. The homeowner will be given the opportunity to review the records personally or have copies of requested records. The records do include written and phone complaints to the association. The sharing of this information must be within a reasonable time and must be at the convenience of the GWW Administrator and paid for by the requestor. There will be a minimum charge for reviewing or coping records. We will not openly share addresses and phone numbers of residents unless special legal circumstances require us to do so.

Special Thanks:
A Special Thanks to Al Vargo and Warren Hayward for repairing the rail fence, twice this month. Great job by two of our volunteer neighbors! Also, Thanks to Karen and Warren Hayward for their ongoing efforts to pickup trash on their walks through the neighborhood. If you want to recognize a special neighbor, let me know.

Spring Break:
Vandals broke a portion of the rail fence, north of the mail station on the night of March 10. Last year, during Spring Break, the new Recreation Area signs were vandalized. We are asking for your help in identifying these vandals.

Recreation Area Improvement Project:
The contract has been signed with Ron McGuire Construction and work is expected to begin as soon as the grounds dry enough to allow the equipment to operate safely. Our goal is to have the project completed before the end of May. We are hoping to have some type of community affair to open our new facility. We are looking for volunteers to plan this affair. If you are interested in volunteering, call me or send me an email.

Loose dogs and barking dogs are still the number one complaint of the neighborhood. The APC is publishing some new guidelines on this issue. We ask everyone to make an extra effort to keep your pets on your property. A special note for people with invisible fences; you must have a sign in your yard identifying the presence of an invisible fence. Should Hays County Animal Control be responding to a loose dog complaint and see an unattended dog on an unfenced yard and there is nothing to identify the presence of an invisible fence on that lot; they have the right to pick up the dog.


Helpful Information

For useful reference information, such as a listing of area churches and telephone numbers for important local contacts, please go to our neighborhood web site at or contact the webmaster.

This newsletter published for:

Goldenwood West
Property Owners’ Association
16200 Westview Trail
Austin, TX 78737-9068
(512) 858-9528 office

Please direct comments, articles, email subscriptions and inquiries regarding advertisements to the above address.

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